Sweatt Shop

Who We Are

At Sweatt Shop our number one goal is to improve your quality of life no matter what you are training for. We want to improve your capacities to make you physically and mentally stronger than ever before. Our facility is truly world-class with Shane Sweatt’s athletes producing well over 100 world records in powerlifting and multiple Olympic/X Games medals. We are also the only gym in the world to have athletes with the title of the strongest person in the world and fittest person in the world. With that being said, this gym is for everyone; you can have the goal of wanting to lose weight or going to the Olympics. Our strategy is the same; make you the best version of you possible.

How We Started

Sweatt Shop personal training was started by Shane Sweatt. The gym started as a small personal training gym. The goal of this gym was to give access to a world class level of training experienced by the chosen few of Westside Barbell to anyone wanting to evolve and improve their quality of life. Shane came from legendary invite-only gym Westside Barbell, known as the strongest gym in history of the world breaking over 160 All Time world records. Shane realized that Westsidebarbell was more than just a place, it was special. It changed the game with the level of knowledge and the training environment.

Understanding that after knowledge, Atmosphere is the most important component to success, it became necessary to create a world class facility. One that could help carry on the legacy and knowledge. So on January 5th 2009 the Sweatt Shop officially opened. Giving people the opportunity to be a part of something special that will forever change their lives for the positive.

Training Pros and Hobbyists Alike

The gym started with training clients who just wanted to improve their health and fitness, professional athletes and a small powerlifting team. Shane coached Sweatt Shop’s first World Record holder Laura Phelps from an endurance athlete running marathons all the way to retiring injury free from powerlifting. While producing over 40 All time world records, becoming the strongest woman in the world along the way. From that point on the Sweatt Shop has gone on to break well over 120 All Time World Records in 9 out of 10 weight classes. Becoming the only gym in the world that has broken raw and equipped world records in every lift. Squat , bench deadlift and total. World Records in deadlift have been broken executing both styles of deadlift sumo and conventional. This rare level of success proves the Sweatt Shop is a world leader in coaching technique and programing.

Powerlifting is not the only sport that has had success at the Sweatshop. Olympic medalist, X games champions all the way to World Champions in UFC, Boxing among other sports have come to this gym to learn and evolve. The Sweattshop Is the only gym in the world that has trained the Strongest and Fittest person in the world!

2021 Gym Expansion and 24/7 Access

November 2021 brought the next stage of evolution for the Sweatt Shop. The gym doubled in size and added 24/7 access. With the new space and hours it opens the door for even more success, giving even more opportunity for athletes to be a part of something special, a truly once in a lifetime unique experience. One where your fellow members cheer you on and help you push to evolve physically and mentally.

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